How to Create Modern C# Console Applications |最新 c# console 新聞

How to Create Modern C# Console Applications |每日一般新聞

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How to Create Modern C# Console Applications 及相關圖片 c# console

How to Create Modern C# Console Applications

How to Create Modern C# Console Applications

c# console 及相關信息

在本視頻中,您將學習如何構建現代控制台應用程序。 有時,一個簡單的控制台應用程序最能解決問題。 您想創建這樣的控制台應用程序嗎? 為什麼要在 2019 年編寫一個控制台應用程序,每個人都在談論用戶體驗、人工智能 (AI) 和 Web 應用程序? 我會給你四個理由:-簡單-健壯-低開發成本-非常適合自動化 如何編寫控制台應用程序? 從頭開始是一種光榮的方法,但它不是最有效的方法。 有些任務是重複的,並且已經解決了。 創建控制台應用程序也是如此。 在本視頻中,我向您展示了三個 NuGet 包,它們可幫助您創建現代 C# 控制台應用程序:-ConsoleTables-CommandDotNet-EasyConsole 歡迎在評論中提出有關此視頻的問題,給我一些反饋,如果您喜歡此視頻,請點擊下方的讚按鈕。 00:00 簡介 00:27 為什麼選擇控制台應用程序? 02:16 控制台應用程序的 4 個部分 03:19 不要從頭開始 04:38 示例應用程序的代碼 05:57 ConsoleTables 包 06:29 CommandDotNet 包 07:15 EasyConsole 包 07:33 結論 🔥 免費的 Blazor 崩潰課程:📌 源代碼:📌 Visual Studio 2019-新功能:📌 ConsoleTables:📌 CommandDotNet:📌 EasyConsole:✅ 訂閱更多視頻 訂閱:🔔 🚀 SUPEdit 博客:Patreon:Patreon:。

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How to Create Modern C# Console Applications.

c# console.

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14 thoughts on “How to Create Modern C# Console Applications |最新 c# console 新聞”

  1. Hi, I want to integrate ConsoleTables for and Console App that uses a DataSet for a SqlConnection, SqlDataAdapter, StoredProcedure to get data. Do you know of any good example for this?

  2. Hey I'm new to programming, but I'm making a console application, and if consoleTable doesn't present things exactly the way I want them, can I modify it to my needs?

  3. I have a drop-in compatable Console replacement which adds certain conveniences like in-line coloration of text (ie: Console.WriteLine("red text", ConsoleColor.Red);), which also has an interactive UI toolkit for declarative building of UI menus.

    It's still a fairly new library so there's not a whole lot of features, but I've been actively using it for a few things. The big one is providing a "selector" UI for the very large benchmarks I tend to have. Rather than run all the benchmarks every time you make a change and want to know how it impacted things, it will present a UI for selecting specific benchmarks, with optional coloring, and takes about 1/3-1/2 of the SLOC that writing everything out manually takes, while also handling complex logic without the need for goto's or continuously building up a function stack which might eventually overflow.

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