Lunch & Learn – Introduction to DraftSight |最新 draft sight 新聞

Lunch & Learn – Introduction to DraftSight |最新科技新聞

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Lunch & Learn – Introduction to DraftSight 及相關圖片 draft sight

Lunch & Learn - Introduction to DraftSight

Lunch & Learn – Introduction to DraftSight

draft sight 及相關信息

如果您的工作職能需要使用 2D CAD,您可能熟悉免費的 2D CAD 軟件 Draftsight。 我們編寫了一個午餐和學習網絡研討會,重點介紹該程序的界面和主要功能…

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Lunch & Learn – Introduction to DraftSight.

draft sight.

我們希望您發現與 draft sight 相關的信息對您有所幫助。

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8 thoughts on “Lunch & Learn – Introduction to DraftSight |最新 draft sight 新聞”

  1. Very helpful, thank you! I was a whiz at AutoCAD years ago and this helped me recall the old commands and know how to duplicate them in DraftSight.

  2. I teach AutoCAD 2018. Since Covid-19 isolation, i've been teaching online with Zoom. not all students have AutoCAD 2018 that they can use at home. I started with IntelliCAD, but it surprisingly timed out after 45 or so days. Now we're using NanoCAD 5. It's similar to an older AutoCAD that uses toolbars. Can I get free educational use only DraftSight for student use with no expiration? [email protected]

  3. I have a problem w/DrftSght, your knowlegible skill I hope can help with.
    Several months ago, I believe I got a [PC] virus.  Wiped out EVERYTHING, including 'One Drv'. 
    After annoyingly reestablishing each prgm, desktop icon & … . I finally got to downloading DrftSght.
    All files were deleted…so I attempted to recc. new ones, [that's when the [real] trouble started.] 
    On each Save – I got READ-ONLY.  After doing everything in my [meager] capabilities, I turned to a S
    olid-Edge tech…he worked for 2 days…then gave-up.  [Stay tuned, for the point of this rambling ].. I figured
    the end of my DS use.
    While doing something, unrelated in the 'Recycle Bin', I noticed a DrftSght file,  I restored it, and re-dwnloaded.
    IT WORKED … except, it only Displays in DEFAULT WHT COLOR.
    Can you suggest ANY TIPS OR TECH., I SHOULD TRY?     [email protected]   Thanks!

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