Top Course – Learn ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC – CRUD Operations, EntityFramework Core |最新 .net core mvc 新聞

Top Course – Learn ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC – CRUD Operations, EntityFramework Core |每日一般新聞

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Top Course – Learn ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC – CRUD Operations, EntityFramework Core 及相關圖片 .net core mvc

Top Course - Learn ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC - CRUD Operations, EntityFramework Core

Top Course – Learn ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC – CRUD Operations, EntityFramework Core

.net core mvc 及相關信息

在本課程中,您將學習 ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC。 我們將回顧基礎知識並構建一個費用跟踪器。 要獲得完整的 10 小時長課程,請查看以下內容:ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC WPF 大師班:C# 大師班:00:00 介紹 01:36 我們將在此視頻中構建的內容 06:21 部分介紹 07:20 您的工具將需要 08:59 .NET Core 簡介 16:58 創建 ASP.NET Core 項目 19:58 項目文件和程序文件 24:10 依賴注入 28:22 啟動文件、.Net Core 管道和中間件 34:47 路由MVC 40:52 Launchsettings、AppSettings、WWWRoot 45:00 MVC 49:32 共享文件夾以及 ViewImports 和 ViewStart 到底是什麼 1:00:24 控制器介紹第 1:01:01 在 ASP.NET 中創建自己的控制器Core MVC 1:06:40 在 ASP.NET Core MVC 中創建自己的視圖 01:10:48 路由解釋 01:18:35 常規路由 01:21:42 基於屬性的路由 01:24:19 控制器操作 01:26: 24 將值傳遞給操作 01:33:39 操作返回類型 01:4 6:01 介紹章節模型 01:47:00 MVC 中的模型 01:53:37 代碼優先方法和遷移 01:58:32 設置康納操作字符串 02:01:13 設置 DBContext 以及實體框架核心 02: 04:54 在 ASP.NET Core MVC 中的啟動文件中設置 DBContext 02:08:52 將我們的項目推送到數據庫,遷移並檢查DB 02:14:05 向我們藉用的項目添加控制器 02:18:12 在 ASP.NET Core MVC 中將數據傳遞給控制器 02:23:19 使用 HTML 和 Bootstrap 顯示我們的數據 02:31:42 添加新列到數據庫 02:37:17 創建頁面和按鈕編輯 02:42:57 設計創建項目頁面 02:52:23 在數據庫中創建條目 02:58:42 挑戰-費用 03:00:13 挑戰費用-解決方案 03 :08:37 服務器端和客戶端驗證 03:20:11 刪除數據庫中的條目 03:32:12 更新數據庫中的條目 學習 ASP.NET Core 5 學習 Core MVC 您可以學習 ASP.NET Core MVC 進行編程Web 應用程序通用 ASP.NET Core MVC 教程我們將使用 HTML 和引導程序。 核心教程 您將首先學習 ASP.NET 核心基礎知識。 然後我們將深入研究。 core MVC 的最佳指南 學習 core MVC 的基礎知識 最好的 core 5 MVC 教程。 這是一個針對 ASP.NET Core 5 MVC 初學者的視頻 您可以在這裡找到該項目的最終代碼: 請注意必須在您的數據庫上設置正確的數據模型才能正常工作。 tutorialsEU 為您提供有關編程和開發的免費視頻教程,適用於從初學者到經驗豐富的程序員。 這包括 C#、Unity、Python、Android、Kotlin、機器學習等。敬請關注並訂閱教程 EU:Facebook:Discord:LinkedIn:。

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Top Course – Learn ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC – CRUD Operations, EntityFramework Core.

.net core mvc.

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42 thoughts on “Top Course – Learn ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC – CRUD Operations, EntityFramework Core |最新 .net core mvc 新聞”

  1. Become a PRO in ASP NET Core Today
    In this ASP NET Core 5 Beginner course, you will learn to build Web Apps using the MVC architecture.
    The course will take you from no experience with ASP NET to building a functional website.
    Go check it out and let us know what do you think!

  2. I don't know why but when I did the create item page the alignment in the border was all messed up. I fixed it later on but I was wondering how did this happen when I followed each step very carefully?

  3. I have a little bug. The bug is when i try to delete an student from the database , it works fine but when i add a new student the id of the new student will begin counting from the last student's id i have created for example if i created a student with id 3 and then i deleted every student in the database and then i create a new one the id counter will start from 4 >> How to solve this problem !?

  4. I am a softawre enginner programmer, but I don't know how to speak English, so I am looking for someone who wants to learn programming or wants to learn to speak Portuguese.
    teaching, on the other hand it helps to improve my English.

  5. Just a point of clarity that I believe is necessary. At 30:20, it is stated that the ConfigureServices method on the StartUp class is to be thought of as the DI container. I feel it is more accurate to state that the services argument to that method is the DI container and is accessed in order to add objects for DI.

  6. One question I have is Do you need a POST and a GET delete method in the Controller? I don't want to have to redirect to another View to be able to delete an entry in the database so am I able to just use the GET method to do this?

  7. I took this course earlier this year. I have to say your part of the udemy course (i.e. this video) was really good. I sadly had to refund the course as the remaining course just was not to my liking when taught by the other instructor. Sorry about that

  8. Hi there, at 3:28:33 you add the delete post method in and then change the asp-action to deletepost should that not be changed to just delete because your going to the delele view you have just created. Thank you

  9. Microsoft is back at it with the naming conventions. I was about to call this guy out for calling this .net "core" 5.0 because I thought we were supposed to drop the core with 5.0. Now that I have looked in to it I'm more confused than when I started, so I'm not going to call anyone out. He may be right. These naming conventions make it difficult to find information on a particular version. This IS MVC and DOES target .net 5, so this is the way we are supposed to be working as of now. It does "include" .net core, so calling it "core" isn't wrong. I don't know. Definitely a good overview though. Very well done. The Udemy course is no doubt great for anyone still learning this stuff.

  10. Excellent course!! I like how you explained everything you were doing and why you were doing it. You’ve got yourself a new subscriber!

  11. why cant my workplace just use nodejs smh. dotnet is confusing asf. wtf is asp dot net? core? dotnet framework. ffs. fml. u dont have to answer, i kind already know from researching, just mkaing a point.

  12. My problem was he kept calling methods classes. But otherwise it was fine.

    Also: don't ever use Entity framework. Worse thing you could ever do to yourself. If can't manage a Database hire someone else.

  13. And I'm not saying that as a comment on the quality of this particular course… if anything, I'm saying if this course is good, the author should find a different method of delivery. I'll say it again… Udemy is a SHIT BUCKET.

  14. Just want to thank you dearly. I recently started a new job within healthcare after completing my Comp Sci degree and they use this technology for all of their internal web based apps. I loved the little tasks you gave, they really enhanced my learning because I paused the video and did them. I will look into buying the full course as this was excellent. Thanks again.

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