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Vim in 100 Seconds |最熱門的節目資訊

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Vim in 100 Seconds 及相關圖片 vim

Vim in 100 Seconds

Vim in 100 Seconds

vim 及相關信息

Vim 是一個基於鍵盤的文本編輯器,可以提高您在編寫代碼時的工作效率。 在 Vim for VS Code 課程中了解更多信息 特別感謝 Joe Previte! Vim 歷史 Vim 備忘單 #vim #dev #100SecondsOfCode 安裝測驗應用程序 🤓 iOS Android 升級到 Fireship PRO 使用代碼 lORhwXd2 首次付款可享受 25% 的折扣。 我的 VS Code 主題-Atom One Dark-vscode-icons-Fira 代碼字體。

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Vim in 100 Seconds.


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34 thoughts on “Vim in 100 Seconds |最新 vim 新聞”

  1. Hey all! Joe here – hope you enjoyed the video and if you have more questions about Vim, feel free to reach out on Twitter 🙂

  2. ❌Point mouse to your target word near-instantly with precision honed from years of hand-eye muscle memory
    ✅Spam up arrow until you get to your line, then spam right arrow until you get to your word

    The speed thing is mostly a myth. Some inputs are faster with a mouse, other a keyboard. Use the right tool.

  3. Vscode has lots of handy keyboard shortcuts that feel natural and don't let you touch your mouse, after learning them I never needed to use a mouse while coding in Vscode. I don't feel convinced to use VIM at this point, it feels counter intuitive to me.

  4. 2:50 you know that editing without vim does not mean to use your mouse for everything and that there are lots of useful shortcuts in your editor that do the same stuff vim does?! I mean I really like vim and use it but that example is so constructed … just learn/master to use your code editor in the first place!

    Also most of the time your speed in editing code is not the bottleneck when programming — at least in my experience.

  5. Last time I tried vscodevim things as basic as undo didn't even function properly. Had to map undo and redo to the vscode commands. And many other things just don't work or are super buggy. I had better luck with the neovim extension but it required more work to set up.

  6. The best thing about vim is that I can edit vimrc to create my own key bindings and install only those plugins that I really use in my day to day life.
    The worst thing about vim is that it takes weeks to find plugins that I want to use and learn how to create your own key bindings

  7. Ahah) "it allows you to code faster", my experience so far is 85% daytime is research or digging into business logic and legacy code with PO along with endless meetings with other teams just to understand what are we suppose to do, and 15% of a time is actual coding resulting in 20 lines of code. Checkmate vim =)

  8. Why is it that everyone I found in a video about Vim (or at least demonstrator that use Vim) have a very bad mouse technique?
    like for example, you can double-click-hold on a word and drag across to select multiple words. don't try to select the word character by character, that'd be very slow.
    No wonder the speed comparison came out that way.

  9. Small tip: you can also navigate to line numbers via {n}gg, where {n} is the line number you want to go to (ie. 5gg). Alternatively, gg goes to the first line, and G goes to the last

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